Our Goal

Focusing specifically on enduring mental health difficulties, Aclú seeks to reframe mental health through a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach.

Aclú research group aims to demonstrate national and international leadership in mental health through physical activity, nutrition, and digital technologies. Human rights and sustainable development approaches will underpin Aclú.

Our research and implementation outcomes strive to substantially impact the lifelong health and well-being of people with enduring mental health difficulties.

Conditioning yourself through


is a word of Irish origin, referring to

Research & Innovation areas

Reframing Mental Health treatment

to cost-effectively embrace interventions for physical health into routine clinical practice

Pioneering a multidisciplinary approach of a balanced care model

that is in line with human rights and the sustainable development goals.

Evaluating the influence of digital technology

in reducing sedentary behaviour and maintaining physical activity levels in the long-term for those with enduring mental health difficulties

'People affected by severe mental health disorders have a greatly reduced life expectancy. Cardiovascular disease is the main contributor to this early mortality, caused by higher rates of smoking, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, sleep disturbance, excessive alcohol use or substance abuse and medication side effects. Therefore, we need to take a preventative approach and translate effective interventions for physical health into routine clinical practice.'
O'Donohue, 2021
Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

Aclú Launch

After a very successful launch of Aclú: Empowering Recovery in Enduring Mental Health Difficulties, we are happy to share the recording of this innovative initiative that seeks to reframe mental health through a pioneering multidisciplinary approach led by the UNESCO Chair, in partnership with Irish Health Services (HSE), focusing on enduring mental illness.

Watch the recording

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